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Top 5 Entrepreneurs of Pakistan - Fun 4 Entertainment

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting any business involving some innovative idea that has not been implemented earlier while the person who does so is called an entrepreneur. This is not an easy task to accomplish since one had to ensure the feasibility of business plan, availability of human and financial resources while after doing so much hard work he is still responsible for his own success or failure. Entrepreneurs are also given small and large loans by private and public sectors based on the feasibility of the project so that they can transform their dreams into reality but the entrepreneurs are responsible to dispose that money in such a way that mankind can get benefit from it.

It’s really hard to start with none in hand and earn so much that u can play your part for the betterment of society. In this modern era manpower has increased far beyond the number of jobs available. Entrepreneur is the one who give jobs to others instead of seeking one for himself. Different schools and colleges invite such people to deliver lessons and do motivational speeches so that youth of our country should think big and believe in themselves and earn laurels for their country. We would like to introduce with you peeps some successful entrepreneurs of Pakistan:

Mian Muhammad Mansha: He is the first Pakistani listed among world’s top billionaires. People usually talk about his wealth and business but don’t remember his contributions to the economy of Pakistan. Leading textile, banking, insurance and many other businesses successfully for years he is an inspiration for the new entrepreneurs not only in Pakistan but also abroad. While being living and working in Pakistan he is having today leadership roles in more than 45 big organizations of Pakistan.

Mian Muhammad Sharif:  Though this family is more associated with politics than entrepreneurship but the fact remains the same that Mian Muhammad Sharif, Father of Nawaz and shahbaz Sharif was an amazing entrepreneur. He along with his brothers created a business empire from a small steel factory just because of his leadership and entrepreneurship skills. He was a struggling entrepreneur. He made a lot of money and business empires but all was nationalized but still he did not lose hope and started from zero and re-established his business in UAE and Saudi-Arabia. He is an inspiring personality for entrepreneurs of this era and above all his duties he was a philanthropist and made a number of schools and health care organizations.

Sadr Uddin hashwani: It’s a big name. while reaching at the place where he is today he suffered through number of losses and terrorist attacks on his investments but this guy amazingly re-build each and everything again without firing a single employ of him. He started his business from Cottage industry in 1960 and is now he is at the top of all business including pharmaceuticals, IT, ceramics etc. Pearl Continental and Serena Hotels operated by his group are the world class standards of hospitality. He is a living legend.

Hussain dawood: He was born in a wealthy family but still he worked hard for the betterment of his people and today he is chairman of Engro Groups, Hercules Chemicals etc. He is also recipient of italic public award. His life is worth studying for struggling entrepreneurs.

Mian aamir Mehmood: He is an entrepreneur in education sector. He opened a number of schools and colleges and provided excellent education to people of Pakistan. Today there would be none Pakistani who would not have heard the name of “Punjab colleges” and “Allied Schools”. He progressed in no time.

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