Monday, 31 August 2015

10 Hilarious daily Sayings of Pakistani Moms

Being Pakistani is a fun. You encounter many funny things daily. Some of them are from your relatives or friends, and some by the public which we know only due to their Hilarious Facts and sayings. So we are going to tell you some inspirational “MOM QUOTES” which you keep on listening in your daily life. These quotes are to motivate you as well as to warn you at the same time in a Pakistani Mom way. So just enjoy these quotes with your mom and we bet that you are going to laugh at them along with your mom.

  1. Your Mom is experienced and you are a kid even if you are 40 years old grown up. So whatever your mom said is just the end of every conversation. Don’t dare to argue; else you will be responsible of consequences.
  2. “Bhook Hartaal” is a no way to go. Pakistani Moms know this thing well. So they always try to warn you in their own way. You have to eat what she has cooked; else you will remain “Bhooka” all the time.
  3. Do whatever she says, whenever she says, however she says; else you will be facing a flying chappal towards you and you can’t escape from that deadly weapon of Pakistani Moms.
  4. Oh my God. You dared to look in her eyes? Don’t ever dare to do this thing as it can bring horrible consequences and the only person facing them and responsible for them is YOU !!!!
  5. After giving you birth, taking care of you all the way through years and years, she will definitely regret your existence in her own way. She is a mom but don’t forget that she is Pakistani too.
  6. She thinks that the only way out of your boredom is “Studying the bulky books which bore you more”. If you are getting bored, just go, get the books, study and make boredom overcome your life.
  7. If you are a girl, don’t worry. She has her own way to make you feared and haunted. Her this sentence will follow you everywhere till the day you are married happily.
  8. No matter how much sincere and pure your tears are, You are always a dramaybazz for your Mom and she will perceive your tears as “Crocodile tears”.
  9. Her best sense is her 6th sense. She will always know what will happen but she is not going to tell you until something happens, then her sixth sense is there with these words:
  10. If you are a girl, and a bit lazy, and unmarried at the age of 22, then get ready for her never ending taunts.

Pakistani Moms are the cutest moms. They try to teach you with their most famous sayings. Do let us know about your favorite “Pakistani Mom Quotes”.

Keep loving your Mothers

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