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10 Majestic mosques of Pakistan you must see

Mosques are places of great importance to Muslims, because they worship Allah in the mosques. So in the joy of being a patriot Muslim, they try to decorate their mosques as much as they can to make them beautiful and breathtaking. Decorating mosques has now become an art.

It is amazing that how simple construction materials are done in a way that they catch your attention in just few moments.

We are going to tell you about 16 mosques of Pakistan that are just mind blowing. Some of them are new while some of them are old and referred as our cultural heritage.

Sunehri Mosque:

This is a beautiful mosque from Mughal era and constructed in 18th century. This mosque is located in Lahore, Pakistan. The architecture of mosque was designed by Nawab Syed Bhikari Shah in reign of Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah.

Kot Fateh Mosque:

This Beautiful Mosque was built in 19th century and depict amazing levels of craftsmanship. Kot Fateh is a village near Fateh jung with many religious monuments of Muslims and Sikhs.

Wah Cantt, Jamia Masjid:

The Markazi Jamia Masjid of Wah Cantt has a beautiful architectural very similar in nature to that of Badshahi Mosque. It was built in 17th century during the reign of Mughals.

Shahi Eid Gah Mosque:

Shahi Eid gah mosque is situated in multan. It was constructed by Nawab Abdul Samad in 1735 AD. This mosque is also known as “Mosque of King” or “Mosque of Emperor”.

Lahore Cantt, Moti Masjid:

The beautiful mosque was built by Shah Jahan in Lahore Cantt. It is also known as “Pearl Mosque”. This mosque is constructed by pure white marble.

Shah Jahan Mosque:

Shah Jahan Mosque is constructed by the great Mughal Emperor Shah jahan in Thatta region in 17th century. It is thought that this mosque is a gift from shah jahan to the people of Sindh as he was inspired and happy by their hospitality.

Araam Bagh Masjid:

This Masjid is breathtakingly awesome and situated in sadder Karachi. This masjid was built by the refugees of independence of Pakistan as fresh water was available in this area. Its name is also proposed on this basis which means “A garden of relaxation”.

Wazir Khan Mosque:

This majestic mosque is situated in Lahore. It is also built during the reign of Shah Jahan.

Badshahi Mosque:

Who Is not familiar with Badshahi Mosque. It is situated in Lahore. This mosque clearly depicts the Mughals’ way of construction. Pure red stones were used as a construction material for this was constructed in 17th century during the reign of Aurangzeb and it is a Second Largest mosque in Asia.

Shah Faisal Mosque:

Shah Faisal Mosque is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan. The beautiful views of margalla hills around the mosque add to its beauty. It was designed by a Turkish architect. Its named after Saudi king Shah Faisal who funded this project.

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