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5 Best Football Players of the World - Fun 4 Entertainment

Football is more ordinarily acknowledged as soccer, is a game frisked between two teams with eleven players each. Roughly speaking, 250 million players play this game in around 200 countries making it the world most popular frolic. The arena used to play this jest is rectangular shaped with a goal at each end. The aspiration of the game is to bag a goal by getting the ball into the opponent’s goal.

This game is played using feet, head. Basically head, torso or feet can be used to pass or kick the ball while the use of hands or arms is not allowed. Goalkeepers are the only players who can touch the ball with hands or arms. At the end of 90 minutes match the team which had scored more goals wins. The laws of the game were first time codified by FIFA in England in 1863. And now FIFA organizes Football World Cup for both women and men once in every four years.

FIFA (federation international de football association) is the governing body which sets the laws of the game. According to FIFA football resembles to an ancient sport called kuju which is the earliest form of football though kuju also resembles with rugby too... 

On 30 November 1872 first football match was being played between England and Scotland in Hamilton crescent Scotland. The match was drawn since both teams could score any goal while this historical match was being watched by 4000 spectators.

Since whenever a competition is held one there are certain individuals who perform extra ordinary while some perform just normal. Since everyone loves to meet the topper and don’t care about the other so we had brought for you the best 5 soccer players of all the time. But still it is impossible to generate such a list in this era where a number of world class players are present

Lionel Messi, Barcelona: Messi is the most purest and talented player in the history of football. He continues to amaze a person with his game who so ever watches football match. Every time Barcelona steps into the field the eyes of people are on the number 10 because everyone wants to know what Messi will do today. He is just 27 years old and had appeared in 304 matches and scored 275 goals, which shows his awesomeness.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid: This 30 year’s old man cost Madrid for 132 million dollars but the money was paid off as because of him real Madrid won the champions league 2014.  He is playing for real Madrid since 2009 and 208 goals in 190 appearances is his performance. He is the one who have ability to grab the attention of audience.

Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich: He is 29 years old goal keeper playing for Munich since 2009 and appeared in 57 matches and is no doubt one of the best goalies of the world. He won the award of most outstanding goalkeeper in world champion ship too.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paris Saint-Germain: he joined germain in 2012 after leaving AC Milan. He is one of the versatile players football ever had. Being hired for 24 million euros and scoring 35 goals in just 74 appearances’ is what defines him.

Arjen Robben, Bayern Munich: He is known as fastest soccer player. His presence in a match causes fear and headaches in the opponent side since joining Munich in 2009 he had scored 73 goals in 127 appearances’.

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