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Most visited place in Malaysia

If countries were compared on the basis of diversity then Malaysia would be at the top as it has a large population having different religions and customs but the best part of it is that they live with peace and harmony. Malaysia is a South Asian Muslim company. It is a country with maximum number of Muslims after Indonesia. Kuala Lumpur has the honor to be its capital. Malaysia is known for tourism all over the world and it earns a revenue of around RM 50 Billion from it.

Tourism industry of Malaysia always give more than expectations and economy of Malaysia is depended mainly on it. Malaysia has a landmass of 329,847 square kilometers divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories. When people visit any new place in world for the purpose of enjoyment they ask local people about best places to visit so they can make their journey memorable. On large demand we had listed and discussed briefly below the best places to visit in Malaysia to visit and without visiting them your visit will remain incomplete.

Gunung Mulu Park: it is a national park situated near Miri, Sarawak Borneo Malaysia. The park is famous for its caves and expeditions that have been mounted to explore them. This park is named after Mulu Mountain, second largest in Sarawak. Though this park is one of best and famous in Malaysia but unfortunately is of remote access. You can only get there only by airplane. Park is full of flowers and tress even u will find some fungi there too. People who make it to there really enjoy it.

Langkawi: it is located some 30km off the main land cost of north western Malaysia. Langkawi is basically a duty free island with a population of 64.792. Langkawi is a district with kuah as largest town. It is one of the oldest island of the world. Climate of Langkawi can be well explained by the fact that it receives a rain of 2400 mm annually. Overall it is has a dry season throughout the year. Islam is mainly practices in this island with scenic beauty though other religions are too present. It is called world geopark by UNESCO. Islands and beaches of Langkawi are worth travelling to.

Taman Negara: established in 1938 as King George national park. It was renamed to Taman Negara Park after independence which literally means “national park”. With an area of 4,343 km^2 it is known as world’s oldest tropical forest. There are several geographical and biological attractions in the park. And all these factors has turned the park into one of the best tourist spots in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur: capital of Malaysia a metropolitan city with a massive population is designed to be one of the best capitals of the world with large building and beauty of this place is further improved by the weather of this place. It is a cultural melting pot with people from different cultures, customs and religions established there. Shopping, dining and night strolls and skyscrapers of this city is worth to experience.

Penang: it is the world’s most used shipping route. Located Strait of Malacca Malaysia’s north western coast the place enjoys the status of being one of the most visited places of Malaysia and history, diversity of cultures and foods of this place are worth experiencing. The architecture of this one of the best in Malaysia. People love this place and remember after visiting.

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