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Most visited place in Malaysia

If countries were compared on the basis of diversity then Malaysia would be at the top as it has a large population having different religions and customs but the best part of it is that they live with peace and harmony. Malaysia is a South Asian Muslim company. It is a country with maximum number of Muslims after Indonesia. Kuala Lumpur has the honor to be its capital. Malaysia is known for tourism all over the world and it earns a revenue of around RM 50 Billion from it.

Tourism industry of Malaysia always give more than expectations and economy of Malaysia is depended mainly on it. Malaysia has a landmass of 329,847 square kilometers divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories. When people visit any new place in world for the purpose of enjoyment they ask local people about best places to visit so they can make their journey memorable. On large demand we had listed and discussed briefly below the best places to visit in Malaysia to visit and without visiting them your visit will remain incomplete.

Gunung Mulu Park: it is a national park situated near Miri, Sarawak Borneo Malaysia. The park is famous for its caves and expeditions that have been mounted to explore them. This park is named after Mulu Mountain, second largest in Sarawak. Though this park is one of best and famous in Malaysia but unfortunately is of remote access. You can only get there only by airplane. Park is full of flowers and tress even u will find some fungi there too. People who make it to there really enjoy it.

Langkawi: it is located some 30km off the main land cost of north western Malaysia. Langkawi is basically a duty free island with a population of 64.792. Langkawi is a district with kuah as largest town. It is one of the oldest island of the world. Climate of Langkawi can be well explained by the fact that it receives a rain of 2400 mm annually. Overall it is has a dry season throughout the year. Islam is mainly practices in this island with scenic beauty though other religions are too present. It is called world geopark by UNESCO. Islands and beaches of Langkawi are worth travelling to.

Taman Negara: established in 1938 as King George national park. It was renamed to Taman Negara Park after independence which literally means “national park”. With an area of 4,343 km^2 it is known as world’s oldest tropical forest. There are several geographical and biological attractions in the park. And all these factors has turned the park into one of the best tourist spots in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur: capital of Malaysia a metropolitan city with a massive population is designed to be one of the best capitals of the world with large building and beauty of this place is further improved by the weather of this place. It is a cultural melting pot with people from different cultures, customs and religions established there. Shopping, dining and night strolls and skyscrapers of this city is worth to experience.

Penang: it is the world’s most used shipping route. Located Strait of Malacca Malaysia’s north western coast the place enjoys the status of being one of the most visited places of Malaysia and history, diversity of cultures and foods of this place are worth experiencing. The architecture of this one of the best in Malaysia. People love this place and remember after visiting.

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Top Brands in Pakistan - Fun 4 Entertainment

Identity is one of the most important thing that defines a person. People call and know him by his identity. If one is very successful but we just take that name out then he is nil and void. Same is the case with family names like if your name ends in “Sharif” so it means you are from a well reputed family etc. 

In marketing, identity is called brand so brand is a name, design, symbol, logo or any other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from other that means that in marketing brand names are used to sell products instead of product itself. For example if XYZ company launches a new product no one will dare to spend a single penny buying it but if the same product is launched by Engro or National foods, consumer will buy it without thinking for a while.

So if you are trying to start a business then first create a brand. This will help you as if one of your product gets famous even after a year the other 99 will too. 

In Pakistan there are number of brand products manufactured by different by different companies. Going deeper into routes let us know that following are the best and most trusted brands of the country:

Engro Foods: It is one of the subsidiaries of Engro Chemicals private limited which is a reputed company in Pakistan with more than 40 years of business in various fields. Engro foods started its business in March 2006 and within a short tenure of 2 years it has become house of quality products which are part of life of every Pakistani I-e Olpers, Omore, Dairy Omung, tarang. It basically manufactures quality dairy products. Research, marketing and quality maintenance are main things which helped engro to earn huge business in such a small period of time.

National Foods: It was made with sole purpose to meet consumer needs at low cost in 1970 as a spicy company. Enterprise first time introduced the concept of hygiene and healthy food with reducing time to make things in kitchen at lowest possible rates. “Corporate mission” was the term in laws of company which is still there. Now national is a Pakistani brand selling its 110 products in many countries of the world. It’s second to none.

Ferozsons Pharmaceuticals Limited: Though Mr. Ferozuddin started business in 1894 but the said company was formed in 1956. And it had achieved a number of laurels and earned pride for its country since its formation. It is counted among one of the top pharmaceuticals of country.

Attock Oil Refinery: The Company is pioneer in refining of crude oil in Pakistan with its operation started back in 1900s. Located near Rawalpindi, the company was near to bankruptcy but was survived by Government subsidy. Mr. Raziuddin will never be forgotten in the history of company since his leadership allowed company to survive and reach where it is today.

DG khan Cement: established in 1978, it is a unit of nishat group which is one of the largest cement producing company in Pakistan with a capacity to produce 5500 tons clinker per day. 
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Top 5 Entrepreneurs of Pakistan - Fun 4 Entertainment

Entrepreneurship is the process of starting any business involving some innovative idea that has not been implemented earlier while the person who does so is called an entrepreneur. This is not an easy task to accomplish since one had to ensure the feasibility of business plan, availability of human and financial resources while after doing so much hard work he is still responsible for his own success or failure. Entrepreneurs are also given small and large loans by private and public sectors based on the feasibility of the project so that they can transform their dreams into reality but the entrepreneurs are responsible to dispose that money in such a way that mankind can get benefit from it.

It’s really hard to start with none in hand and earn so much that u can play your part for the betterment of society. In this modern era manpower has increased far beyond the number of jobs available. Entrepreneur is the one who give jobs to others instead of seeking one for himself. Different schools and colleges invite such people to deliver lessons and do motivational speeches so that youth of our country should think big and believe in themselves and earn laurels for their country. We would like to introduce with you peeps some successful entrepreneurs of Pakistan:

Mian Muhammad Mansha: He is the first Pakistani listed among world’s top billionaires. People usually talk about his wealth and business but don’t remember his contributions to the economy of Pakistan. Leading textile, banking, insurance and many other businesses successfully for years he is an inspiration for the new entrepreneurs not only in Pakistan but also abroad. While being living and working in Pakistan he is having today leadership roles in more than 45 big organizations of Pakistan.

Mian Muhammad Sharif:  Though this family is more associated with politics than entrepreneurship but the fact remains the same that Mian Muhammad Sharif, Father of Nawaz and shahbaz Sharif was an amazing entrepreneur. He along with his brothers created a business empire from a small steel factory just because of his leadership and entrepreneurship skills. He was a struggling entrepreneur. He made a lot of money and business empires but all was nationalized but still he did not lose hope and started from zero and re-established his business in UAE and Saudi-Arabia. He is an inspiring personality for entrepreneurs of this era and above all his duties he was a philanthropist and made a number of schools and health care organizations.

Sadr Uddin hashwani: It’s a big name. while reaching at the place where he is today he suffered through number of losses and terrorist attacks on his investments but this guy amazingly re-build each and everything again without firing a single employ of him. He started his business from Cottage industry in 1960 and is now he is at the top of all business including pharmaceuticals, IT, ceramics etc. Pearl Continental and Serena Hotels operated by his group are the world class standards of hospitality. He is a living legend.

Hussain dawood: He was born in a wealthy family but still he worked hard for the betterment of his people and today he is chairman of Engro Groups, Hercules Chemicals etc. He is also recipient of italic public award. His life is worth studying for struggling entrepreneurs.

Mian aamir Mehmood: He is an entrepreneur in education sector. He opened a number of schools and colleges and provided excellent education to people of Pakistan. Today there would be none Pakistani who would not have heard the name of “Punjab colleges” and “Allied Schools”. He progressed in no time.

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5 Best Football Players of the World - Fun 4 Entertainment

Football is more ordinarily acknowledged as soccer, is a game frisked between two teams with eleven players each. Roughly speaking, 250 million players play this game in around 200 countries making it the world most popular frolic. The arena used to play this jest is rectangular shaped with a goal at each end. The aspiration of the game is to bag a goal by getting the ball into the opponent’s goal.

This game is played using feet, head. Basically head, torso or feet can be used to pass or kick the ball while the use of hands or arms is not allowed. Goalkeepers are the only players who can touch the ball with hands or arms. At the end of 90 minutes match the team which had scored more goals wins. The laws of the game were first time codified by FIFA in England in 1863. And now FIFA organizes Football World Cup for both women and men once in every four years.

FIFA (federation international de football association) is the governing body which sets the laws of the game. According to FIFA football resembles to an ancient sport called kuju which is the earliest form of football though kuju also resembles with rugby too... 

On 30 November 1872 first football match was being played between England and Scotland in Hamilton crescent Scotland. The match was drawn since both teams could score any goal while this historical match was being watched by 4000 spectators.

Since whenever a competition is held one there are certain individuals who perform extra ordinary while some perform just normal. Since everyone loves to meet the topper and don’t care about the other so we had brought for you the best 5 soccer players of all the time. But still it is impossible to generate such a list in this era where a number of world class players are present

Lionel Messi, Barcelona: Messi is the most purest and talented player in the history of football. He continues to amaze a person with his game who so ever watches football match. Every time Barcelona steps into the field the eyes of people are on the number 10 because everyone wants to know what Messi will do today. He is just 27 years old and had appeared in 304 matches and scored 275 goals, which shows his awesomeness.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid: This 30 year’s old man cost Madrid for 132 million dollars but the money was paid off as because of him real Madrid won the champions league 2014.  He is playing for real Madrid since 2009 and 208 goals in 190 appearances is his performance. He is the one who have ability to grab the attention of audience.

Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munich: He is 29 years old goal keeper playing for Munich since 2009 and appeared in 57 matches and is no doubt one of the best goalies of the world. He won the award of most outstanding goalkeeper in world champion ship too.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paris Saint-Germain: he joined germain in 2012 after leaving AC Milan. He is one of the versatile players football ever had. Being hired for 24 million euros and scoring 35 goals in just 74 appearances’ is what defines him.

Arjen Robben, Bayern Munich: He is known as fastest soccer player. His presence in a match causes fear and headaches in the opponent side since joining Munich in 2009 he had scored 73 goals in 127 appearances’.

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5 Best cricketers of world - Fun 4 Entertainment

Cricket is a sport played with bat and ball between two teams each having 11 players. An enclosure where it is trifled has a rectangular 22 yard long pitch at its center. It’s gamboled by 120 million players in 105 countries. The international committee responsible for managing all this cricket stuff is called ICC. According to laws of ICC professional game ranges from 20 overs per side to test matches played over five consecutive days. The laws of cricket are maintained by ICC (International Cricket Council) and MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club).

First time cricket was played in southern England in 16th century. It is the national game of England. The expansion of British Empire and rule over different parts of the world cricket also flourished and was played in many countries and by the mid of 19th century first international match was played. These days the game is most popular in Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa, and Indian Subcontinent.

A number of words were proposed for this game and in the earliest time of 1598 the definite reference is present that the name “creckett” was given to it.

It is a game people plays in their leisure time as well as at international level. Since in each field of life someone is good and someone is just a normal player so is the case with cricket. Cricket has produced legendary players who had made their name in the history through their batting or bowling, fielding etc. but since everyone loves to meet the topper so following are some classic cricketers:

Sir Don Bradman: He is known as the best test batsman. His batting scores average of test matches is 99.94. And this is one of the greatest achievement by any player and yes it’s the world record. His career span was of 20 years and he was so good with his bat that Bill Wood full, former captain Australia, used these words for him “Worth three batsman to Australia”.

Sachen Tendulkar: In 2002 he was ranked as second best test batsman. And he is the living legend who belongs to India. He is also ranked as second best ODI batsman. Sachin earned a lot of fame for his country through his talent. And yes he was part of the team in 2011 when India won Cricket World Cup.

Gary Sobers: He is known as one the best all-rounder. He started his career as a bowler but was promoted up the batting order in no time. In 1958 sobers scored his maiden century against Pakistan and progressed to 356 not out which is an achievement in itself. He is surely one of the finest player cricket has got.

Vivians Richard: he was among 5 cricketers of the century. And he is regarded as one of the great batsman in ODI format. In 2002 he played best ODI innings ever played and was chosen as best ODI batsman of all the time. He is well deserved to be remembered in Cricket history.

Imran Khan: He was Pakistan’s most successful captain leading his team to victory in 1992 cricket world cup. He took 362 wickets and scored 3807 runs in his test career and served as captain for 10 years and was included in ICC Cricket Hall of fame too. He is indeed one of the best players cricket has ever produced.

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