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Top Brands in Pakistan - Fun 4 Entertainment

Identity is one of the most important thing that defines a person. People call and know him by his identity. If one is very successful but we just take that name out then he is nil and void. Same is the case with family names like if your name ends in “Sharif” so it means you are from a well reputed family etc. 

In marketing, identity is called brand so brand is a name, design, symbol, logo or any other feature that distinguishes one seller’s product from other that means that in marketing brand names are used to sell products instead of product itself. For example if XYZ company launches a new product no one will dare to spend a single penny buying it but if the same product is launched by Engro or National foods, consumer will buy it without thinking for a while.

So if you are trying to start a business then first create a brand. This will help you as if one of your product gets famous even after a year the other 99 will too. 

In Pakistan there are number of brand products manufactured by different by different companies. Going deeper into routes let us know that following are the best and most trusted brands of the country:

Engro Foods: It is one of the subsidiaries of Engro Chemicals private limited which is a reputed company in Pakistan with more than 40 years of business in various fields. Engro foods started its business in March 2006 and within a short tenure of 2 years it has become house of quality products which are part of life of every Pakistani I-e Olpers, Omore, Dairy Omung, tarang. It basically manufactures quality dairy products. Research, marketing and quality maintenance are main things which helped engro to earn huge business in such a small period of time.

National Foods: It was made with sole purpose to meet consumer needs at low cost in 1970 as a spicy company. Enterprise first time introduced the concept of hygiene and healthy food with reducing time to make things in kitchen at lowest possible rates. “Corporate mission” was the term in laws of company which is still there. Now national is a Pakistani brand selling its 110 products in many countries of the world. It’s second to none.

Ferozsons Pharmaceuticals Limited: Though Mr. Ferozuddin started business in 1894 but the said company was formed in 1956. And it had achieved a number of laurels and earned pride for its country since its formation. It is counted among one of the top pharmaceuticals of country.

Attock Oil Refinery: The Company is pioneer in refining of crude oil in Pakistan with its operation started back in 1900s. Located near Rawalpindi, the company was near to bankruptcy but was survived by Government subsidy. Mr. Raziuddin will never be forgotten in the history of company since his leadership allowed company to survive and reach where it is today.

DG khan Cement: established in 1978, it is a unit of nishat group which is one of the largest cement producing company in Pakistan with a capacity to produce 5500 tons clinker per day. 
May Pakistan Progress by leaps and bounds!

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