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5 Must Go Places in murree

Whenever summer comes, the most “want to go” place becomes murree. Muree is also known as “Queen of Mountains”. Every Pakistani plans to go to murree with his / her friends and family when the summer starts. So here, we are going to give you the information about the most beautiful and breathtaking places in murree you can go to if you want to make your holidays a fun packed adventure.

Ayubiya :

Ayubia is located near Murree – Nathiyagali road. Ayubiya is famous for its snowfall and pipeline trek located near hill station. Tourists from Pakistan and other countries come to Hike the pipleline trek in summers because the clouds are mostly on this level and they are fondling with you as you pass through them to reach the hill station top.

There is “Baander point” near Ayubiya chairlifts which is a great amusement spot for tourists. The monkeys live in the jungle there and come to roads to play with tourists. They take eatables and other things from them as well.

There are 4 hill stations in Ayubiya i.e Khaira Gali, Khanaspur, Changla Gali and Gora Dhaka. River neelum viewpoint is also here.


Patryata is situated at 15 km distance from main murree hills towards lower topa. This area is developed and also known as “NEW MURREE”.

This area is famous for its world class cable car and chair lift system. The chairlift ride lasts for about 1 hour. While enjoying the chair lift ride, You can view the breathtaking and scenic beauty of this place which will make you just stunned. The chair lift takes you to the highest point of that area known as “Patryata Hill Resort”.


Nathiya Gali is the most famous spot of murree due to its high rise pine trees. When the mountains of Nathiyagali are covered with snow and the High rise pine trees turn white, You can’t stop yourself from saying “WOW!!!”.

Nathiyagali is also famous for its hiking treks. Mushkpuri is the most famous trek in that area which takes around 3 hours Hike to reach to the top of snow covered mountains.

Pindi Point:

Pindi point is also one of the best tourism spots you must visit on your tour to murree. The view of zigzag roads from the top of mountains and the sky touching pine trees covered with snow are the best thing to amuse your senses.

Kashmir Point:

From wandering through the bazaars of Mall Road Murree, you reach a famous view point known as Kashmir Point. This spot worth your tour. You can view the peaks and mountains of Kashmir from this point.

2 roads go up to Kashmir point from Mall Road. So we advise you to take one road for going up and the other one for coming down in order to make your trip a memorable one.

The weather swings in murree are unpredictable so always take warm clothes with you.

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