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5 Best cricketers of world - Fun 4 Entertainment

Cricket is a sport played with bat and ball between two teams each having 11 players. An enclosure where it is trifled has a rectangular 22 yard long pitch at its center. It’s gamboled by 120 million players in 105 countries. The international committee responsible for managing all this cricket stuff is called ICC. According to laws of ICC professional game ranges from 20 overs per side to test matches played over five consecutive days. The laws of cricket are maintained by ICC (International Cricket Council) and MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club).

First time cricket was played in southern England in 16th century. It is the national game of England. The expansion of British Empire and rule over different parts of the world cricket also flourished and was played in many countries and by the mid of 19th century first international match was played. These days the game is most popular in Australia, England, West Indies, South Africa, and Indian Subcontinent.

A number of words were proposed for this game and in the earliest time of 1598 the definite reference is present that the name “creckett” was given to it.

It is a game people plays in their leisure time as well as at international level. Since in each field of life someone is good and someone is just a normal player so is the case with cricket. Cricket has produced legendary players who had made their name in the history through their batting or bowling, fielding etc. but since everyone loves to meet the topper so following are some classic cricketers:

Sir Don Bradman: He is known as the best test batsman. His batting scores average of test matches is 99.94. And this is one of the greatest achievement by any player and yes it’s the world record. His career span was of 20 years and he was so good with his bat that Bill Wood full, former captain Australia, used these words for him “Worth three batsman to Australia”.

Sachen Tendulkar: In 2002 he was ranked as second best test batsman. And he is the living legend who belongs to India. He is also ranked as second best ODI batsman. Sachin earned a lot of fame for his country through his talent. And yes he was part of the team in 2011 when India won Cricket World Cup.

Gary Sobers: He is known as one the best all-rounder. He started his career as a bowler but was promoted up the batting order in no time. In 1958 sobers scored his maiden century against Pakistan and progressed to 356 not out which is an achievement in itself. He is surely one of the finest player cricket has got.

Vivians Richard: he was among 5 cricketers of the century. And he is regarded as one of the great batsman in ODI format. In 2002 he played best ODI innings ever played and was chosen as best ODI batsman of all the time. He is well deserved to be remembered in Cricket history.

Imran Khan: He was Pakistan’s most successful captain leading his team to victory in 1992 cricket world cup. He took 362 wickets and scored 3807 runs in his test career and served as captain for 10 years and was included in ICC Cricket Hall of fame too. He is indeed one of the best players cricket has ever produced.

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